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A Journal Published by the Indian Science News Association

Science and Culture is a multidisciplinary journal that provides a medium for publication of substantial and original articles, reviews and notes which focus on research and development in science, society and culture, national issues and events. This is a unique journal connecting the reflection of the community of Indian scientistys and thinkers on the public understanding of science and culture together.

Science and Culture has published articles by luminaries like P.C. Mahalanobis, M.N. Saha, D.M. Bose, S.N. Bose, H.J. Bhabha, U.N. Bramhachari, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, S.S. Bhatnagar, D.S. Kothari, S. Bhagabantam, A.P. Mitra, Sir Arthur Eddington, F.W. Aston, F.K. Morris, R.A. Millikan,NL, Amartya Sen,NL, Jayant V Narlikar and many others. The tradition of publishing quality articles is still being maintained. The articles are written to cater to a wide range of readership with the major objective of promoting and disseminating progress in science and technology in the national and international arena and its application to the economic prosperity and cultural life of the country. All articles are peer-reviewed. Six issues of the journal are published in a year.

Science and Culture is in the list of Master Index of Journals of Thomson-ISI.

We also publish special issues on current topical interest. Climate Change and Society: An Indian Perspective (Sept-December 2002), Medical Sciences (March-April 2003), River Linking (Jan-Feb 2004), Glass and Ceramic Research in
India (March-April 2005), Flood Disaster Risk Reduction in South Asia (Jan-Feb 2006) are some of the topics on which special issues were published in recent times. It will not be out of place here to mention that some of the thought provoking ideas like Multipurpose River Valley Projects, Calendar Reforms advocated through Science and Culture received recognition from Central and State Governments. The former realized into Damodar Valley Corporation and a Calendar Reform Committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Professor Meghnad Saha. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was a supporter of Science and Culture who commented in a message “Science and Culture are the essence of life today, in war and peace, and in any periodical which serves the cause of science and culture performs a service to India and humanity”.h



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