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The Indian Science News Association (ISNA) was established in the year 1935 by eminent scientists Professor Meghnad Saha and Acharya P.C. Ray, and was sustained by Professor S.K. Mitra, Professor B.C. Guha, Professor D.S. Kothari, Professor S.S. Bhatnagar, Professor P.C. Mahalanobish, Prof. D.M. Bose and many other stalwarts. The main objective of the Association is to promote and disseminate knowledge, laying special stress on scientific studies in India and abroad and to advocate the methodical application of science to problems of national regeneration. The Association provides a platform to the growing scientific knowledge vis-ŕ-vis the culture of our country. The first President of the Association was Acharya  P.C. Ray and the founder secretaries were Professor Meghnad Saha and Professor B.B. Ray. The ‘Science and Culture’ is the mouth piece of the organization. With the above objectives in view, the Association has been publishing ‘SCIENCE AND CULTURE’ monthly, since 1935. Not only scientific articles on nationally important events, conservation and developmental aspects have been published in the journal.

During its long period of existence, the association witnessed several financial crises as it is autonomous and depends on grants and donations, both from government and charitable organizations. However, the slump during 1992-95 was acute and affected the publication of the journal. It was decided during that time to publish the journal bimonthly and keep the continuity. Since then, by acquiring some funds, an endowment has been created and the journal is brought out on the interest proceeds of the fund. Recent years have witnessed an increasing popularity of the (truncated bimonthly) journal and there is a demand amongst readers for monthly publication.
 However, the funds position do not permit this. As more and more well written and thought provoking articles are arriving at our office for publication in the journal, it is all the more tempting to revamp the journal and bring it back to monthly publication.

We appeal to you to donate generously to ISNA to help put our plans into action in the new millennium.

The donation will be exempted from income tax vide U/S 80G of I.T. Act 1961,Order No DIT (E) / 1290        Dated-25.03.2004.                                                                                                                     8E/87/99-2000

Any donation/contribution should be issued by crossed cheque/draft drawn in favour of Indian Science News Association.
We trust your liberal participation and patronage will help us to restore the heritage(running into 72th year) of Indian Science to new heights of glory.












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